We’re excited to share that we are now a completely virtual business. What does this mean for you?

First, you will no longer need to schedule an appointment for your taxes. You can upload your tax documents when you want, on your time, from wherever you are through our online portal. Your information is completely secure and safe. And uploading your documents is easy to do. 

Secondly, this means saving your time and keeping you healthy. You no longer need to drive to our office, take time after work or on weekends to get your taxes done. You simply upload your documents and if a call is needed to discuss your taxes, we will send you an invitation to join us in a web meeting. This allows us to see each other face-to-face when needed. 

And lastly, you can now access your tax documents and final tax return from our online portal anytime you need at no extra charge.

We will be sending more information about these changes along with other announcements like tax changes you can expect in 2021 and more in the next few weeks. Stay connected and subscribe here for updates!